Visits in YOUR home: (You must be within 6 miles of my home)

$15 per visit for up to 4 cats, caged pets, or up to 2 dogs

$17 per visit for 3 or more dogs / dogs and cats / 5 or more cats

* All visits are up to 20 minutes

In MY home per day: (Limited space available. You must provide food. Dogs have run of the house and yard. Can be crated at night or when left alone, if necessary. MUST get along with other dogs, be spayed or neutered, flea treatment and have all required vaccinations.) A day is up to 24 hours.

All small caged pets $8 per cage/per day

Caged pets accompanying a dog $6 per cage/per day

$18 per day for a small dog (under 30 pounds)

$20 per day for a medium dog (31-50 pounds)

$22 per day for a large dog (51-90 pounds)

$24 per day for an extra large dog (91+ pounds)

* If you need me to pick up or drop off your dog and you live within 6 miles of my home, it is $10 per ride.

** I will give your dogs a bath or trim their nails before they come home, if requested.    Bath: $12 Nails: $8