Darlene’s Pet Sitting

My name is Darlene and I have been a resident of New Port Richey, Florida since 1991, when I married my husband, Jody. I began my pet sitting business in February of 2001. I am licensed and insured.

I have always loved animals and enjoy being in their company. My house would not be complete without the animals!

When my kids were younger, I homeschooled them and began pet sitting to supplement my husband’s income. Once they became older, I extended my hours and began to build a larger clientele. I have cared for hundreds of dogs, cats and numerous exotic pets.

I do my best to help everyone I can with pet care. I know it seems I have a lot of rules, but it is very important to me that every pet return to their family’s care in the same condition I received them. This means that I have to be very organized and structured in order to accommodate everyone possible.

My family has gotten used to scheduling time with me for meals, entertainment or holidays. We also make plans to go away for up to 2 weeks each Fall. I do my best to give lots of notice so that families that use my services have time to find alternate pet care when I’m unavailable. I also choose a time when the least number of families will likely go away.

I enjoy having the opportunity to care for animals when their family can’t be with them, for whatever reason. My job is like being a grandparent, I get to enjoy them, spoil them and send them home.